UC-AFT 2022 Non-Renewal and Reappt Issue Survey
Appointment letters were due on May 1 on semester campuses and June 1 on quarter campuses. If you had a teaching appointment during AY 2021-22 and did not receive an appointment letter by May 1 on semester campuses or June 1 on quarter campuses, please complete this form.  

If you are not being reappointed, please complete the form.

If you believe you will be reappointed, but did not receive an appointment letter on time, please complete the form.
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Did you inform your department (chair or designee) of your interest in reappointment for 2022-23?
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Did you inform your department (chair or designee) of the courses you are interested in and qualified to teach next year?
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Have you received your appointment letter yet?
All Unit 18 Faculty on semester campuses should have received their by May 1, on quarter campuses by June 1 (regardless of whether you receive term-by-term or annual/academic year contracts).
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Have you been told in writing that you will not be reappointed in 2022-23?
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Were you given a reason for non-renewal in writing?
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If so, what reason were you given?
You have a right to consideration for reappointment before new hires are considered.  Have you heard anything about new hires who will teach courses you are qualified to teach?
You have a right to a review and a written explanation for non-renewal if you request it before June 15.  If you have been told you will not be reappointed, we advise that you request a written explanation.  Suggested template: "Dear [name of department chair or equivalent], I'd like to request written feedback on my teaching during the 2021-2022 academic year, consistent with Section 4 of the Unit 18 faculty Transition Plan Side Letter for pre-continuing appointees."  Will you request a written explanation?
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