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Support For Trail Connectivity Between Tryon Park & West Bay Park

Trail Proposal

The proposed trail is the only sustainable route that can be done based on the extremely steep descent from the neighborhood into the Park property. GROC has taken great care in the design of the trail locating the trail well within the county property and below visible sight lines from the yards that are along the park's edge. There are 4 houses that are on Club Drive where the trail would start to exit the Park. The trail is well out of any site line from the 4 houses and only the last house where the trail would exit could see any trail user from their yard. The land from where the yard's end is extremely steep drop and at least 30 to 40 feet down from Yards. The only way a neighbor could see trail or trail users is to walk to end or off their property and look down the steep grade.

The trail would exit at the last house on Club Drive and come out 50 feet from Irondequoit Blvd. There is a sidewalk that runs along Irondequoit Blvd that exits the neighborhood and continues up to the traffic light at Winton and Empire. This would allow safe crossing of Empire to Orchard Park Blvd, which takes you to West Bay Park. This trail is not in any way meant to be a trailhead; it is only a way to safely go from one park to another using County-Owned Property.

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