ICOYC Cruise 2020 - Registration Form for Boats from Overseas ICOYC Member Yacht Clubs
This registration form is to request a place on the ICOYC 2020 Cruise of England's Southern Coast, which is being organised by the Royal Southern Yacht Club.

Space is available for 10 boats for ICOYC Club members from abroad and 10 boats from the Royal Southern YC, Royal Lymington YC or Royal Motor YC, so there are 20 places available in total.
If you wish we can try to place those from overseas ICOYC clubs on local boats and a waiting list for people simply looking for a berth will be maintained.
If applications are received for more than 20 boats, preference will be given to boat owners who accept ICOYC guests from the waiting list.

Once the appropriate form is completed and submitted, you will be informed if your application is successful or otherwise. At this point, you will be informed of the payment amount required.

Further details of the cruise can be found on the Royal Southern website: https://www.royal-southern.co.uk/news/royal-southern-hosting-2020-icoyc-cruise-cruise-of-englands-southern-coast
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