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Texas Team Golf
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How many years have you been playing golf?
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Why did you start playing golf?
I wanted to be outdoors.
I like to play with friends, and meet people.
I love to compete.
Golf is hard, and I like a challenge
It looked like fun.
I need to learn for work.
My parents made me learn.
What other sports have you played?
Current 9 hole scoring average?
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Best score ever
Current Handicap (If you have one)
Top 3 Goals, by what date?
What 3 areas would you MOST like to improve?
How much time could you spend practicing and/or playing golf per week?
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Do you have any physical or medical constraints?
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When I play my BEST it's because...
When I play my WORST it's because...
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Do you have someone in mind that you would like to be paired with for play or practice?
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