Conflict Communication 201 Registration Form: 5/21/20 APADRC
At a time when COVID-19 is impacting our lives, we can always come together and keep our community thriving by providing affirming spaces for each other to be ourselves as we work to improve our daily lives.

We'd like to invite you to our Friday Lunchtime Workshop Series to learn about the skill of reframing.

Date: Thursday, May 21, 2020
Time: 11:30AM - 12:30PM
Location: Zoom Virtual Event

A reminder email along with instructions on how to use Zoom will be sent to you the day before the meeting. If you can no longer make it, please email Essie at

We are also making a conscious effort to learn how we can make our virtual meetings/events accessible to all, so we will be sending out an evaluation form after the meeting to ask if there are any adjustments we can make in the future.
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What to bring & expect:
Please feel free to eat your lunch with us during this time! If there is anyone in your household who would like to participate in this session with you, including children over the age of 12, they are welcome to do so.

This workshop will take place in a meeting format, rather than a webinar format. This means that participants will see each other's names, and can also be visible and audible to one another if they wish. You are always welcome to turn off your camera and microphone for privacy.
Setting Up Zoom:

Prior to joining the Zoom call, I recommend that you download Zoom if:
This is your first time using Zoom
Are not sure if you have Zoom already downloaded on your computer

I recommend doing this in order to avoid any potential issues with joining any of the APADRC's virtual events.

To download Zoom, you can go to the following link and click “Zoom Client for Meetings” to get the download started.
Download Link:


To set up Zoom on your smartphone, download the “ZOOM Cloud Meeting” app.

If you have any questions or issues joining Zoom, then feel free to contact Essie at
Accessing Zoom for the Meeting:

If you’re accessing the virtual event on your computer, then go to the link provided to you in the event details. Once you get to the link, you will be taken to a Zoom’s webpage.

On the webpage, click “Open Zoom Meetings” on the pop up that will appear at the top of the webpage. This will launch another window called the Zoom Virtual Meetings, where API Equality-LA’s virtual event will be taking place.

At the bottom of the window, there are several features that you can use during the meeting. On the bottom left side, you will be able to mute/unmute yourself with the microphone icon and stop/unstop the video taken of you during the meeting. On the bottom middle, you can type a message in a Zoom Group Chat room to everybody or just one person; this is accessible by clicking the speech bubble icon.

For further help:


If you’re accessing the virtual event through your phone, then you can dial in by typing in the provided number in the event details. After you dial it in, you’ll be asked to dial the Meeting ID number (also provided in the event details) followed by #.

Afterwards you’ll be able to speak and hear others attending the virtual event.

If you’re accessing through the “ZOOM Cloud Meeting” app on your smartphone, then go to “Join A Meeting” and enter the Meeting ID of the virtual event, which is in the event details.

For further help:

If you have any questions or issues joining Zoom, then feel free to contact Essie at
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