5 question survey about libertarian socialism with a bonus question
Prior to school, I was living on my own for a year in Cambridge - working full time and taking classes at night. At a few points, I recall having my debit card declined in the grocery store to get food.

This Summer, I was watching Youtube videos on Noam Chomsky. He talked his whole life about libertarian socialism. I then exchanged emails with him a few times - telling him I would like to turn his idea into reality. So now I have to make that happen.

Concept business plan: www.libertariansocialism.biz

Q1. There’s 36.8 trillion in checking and savings accounts worldwide, is that enough?
Q2. Billionaires have 8 trillion and there are 36 million millionaires, do you think that’s fair?
Q3. Which do you prefer? [select those that apply]
Q4. There’s 1.3 trillion in college debt, thoughts?
Your answer
Q5. Libertarian Socialism is a political philosophy, “inside the socialist movement that rejects the conception of socialism as centralized state ownership and control of the economy.” - Is that option for the world?
Q5+1 Bonus Q. - Which might be the better political philosophy thinker for current times?
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