Andaya Latin Festival 安達亞初夏拉丁派對週🇪🇸-🇹🇼 購票表單 Ticket Form. Only Saturday Party and workshops.
Can you imagine a Latin festival that breaks through gender traditional roles? Can you imagine the spark that could be ignited from the fusion of Salsa and Zumba? Can you imagine a LGBTQ-friendly Latin Social Dance Party?

Andaya brings the flavor from Spain with Noelia & Irena, two amazing dancers that will teach several workshops and a prepare a Bootcamp open to anyone interested in the Salsa world. 
Join us in this amazing and unrepeatable Festival!


🎉 西班牙專業女女配Salsa/Bachata 舞者 Noelia & Irena 首度來台
🎉 三創 12F 超大舞池全新場地
🎉 迎接台灣五月同婚合法週年慶
🎉 派對皇后 Shanna 登場
🎉 專業DJ Salsa / Bachata / Reggaeton
🎉 全台唯一的拉丁樂團Latin Smash現場演奏
🎉 專業舞團表演
🎉 J- Lin 老師 沈浸式Zumba 體驗
🎉 西班牙食酒x熱情x unisex x 初夏派對
🎉 中英台並行、能跳能唱知名主持人

The Andaya Latin Party will debut in May this year, bringing a colorful week to all Latin culture enthusiasts. This party has the following features:

🎉 Professional Spanish female Salsa/Bachata dancers Noelia & Irena debut in Taiwan 🎉 Brand new venue with a huge dance floor on the 12th floor of the "Taipei Hub" 🎉 Celebrate the first anniversary of same-sex marriage legalization in Taiwan 🎉 Queen Shanna glam performance 🎉 Professional DJ playing Salsa/Bachata/Reggaeton music 🎉 The only Latin Big Band in Taiwan, Latin Smash, will play live 🎉 Professional dance group performances 🎉 J-Lin immersive Zumba experience 🎉 Spanish tapas (free!) and drinks (one included), tons of passion early summer party 🎉 Bilingual (Chinese and English) host, will make the event amazing for everyone.
🎉 Batucada!

Check more info at the Facebook event

【五天行程 - 地點】
[5/17 週三 ]
Welcome Party 

[5/18 週四 - Flow Taipei]
19:30 - 20:30  Noelia & Irena Workshop (Salsa Musicality on 2)
20:30 - 22:00  Noelia & Irena bootcamp

[5/19 週五- Flow Taipei]
19:00 - 20:30  Noelia & Irena Bootcamp
20:30 - 21:30  Noelia & Irena Workshop (Intermediate/Advanced Salsa partnerwork on 2)
21:45 - 00:30  Azucar party + Noe & Irena’s Show

[5/20 週六 - Flow Taipei]
12:30 - 13:30  Zumba Workshop
13:30 - 15:00  Noelia & Irena Bootcamp
15:00 - 16:00  Noelia & Irena Workshop (Salsa shines on 2)

[5/20 週六 -  Syntrend 三創12F展演館]
20:00 - 4:00   Main Party

20:00  Entry 進場
20:15  BatucaTaipei 台北森巴鼓隊
20:30  J-Lin Zumba Experience
21:00  Salsa / Bachata Social DJ James
22:00  BatucaTaipei 台北森巴鼓隊
22:10  Show time 
23:00  Taiwan Latin Smash
24:00  DJ Dhiv
02:00  DJ Pluche

[5/21 週日  - Flow Taipei]
16:00-17:30 Ellery Vogue Femme 
17:30 - 18:30  Noelia & Irena Workshop (Traditional Bachata) 

[5/21 週日 - ATT Valley]
20:00 Sunday Social Dance Party

⏰ 5/18(四)-5/20(六) @台北場

Workshops are open to everybody but our parties are considered events for adults and entrance will be limited to +18 years old. 
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If you choose more than one Workshop, please remember that the price is 600NT$  for each one-hour class, and the 1.5 - hour class of Ellery's Vogue is 900 NTD . 
If you bought a group ticket, please introduce the full names of all the attendees 
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