Beyond YTT - questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in my Pilot Project for the workshop "Beyond YTT."

This workshop is aimed for graduates of 200hr and 300hr trainings, with less than 3 years teaching experience. Our focus will be on teaching skills and supporting each other, as well as learning self-mentoring skills that will help you continue to grow.

The group is limited, and I would like you to commit to the entire program. If you cannot make any of the days or times, is there someone you might recommend to me to invite?

Cost is reduced for this, and tiered, so you can pay according to your budget and the value this workshop would have for you. My intention for assigning a cost is for you to be accountable. In return, I ask for your honest feedback on the program.

* Tiers are $50 / $75 / $100.
* We will meet three times in person, 2 hours each time. (We may discover we need more time!)
* I will assign homework that includes working through postures, cues, sequences, videos, etc.
* Some homework may be targeted to your stated goals.
* We will utilize a Facebook group for communication, questions, and homework assignments.

You have an optional add-on to have me attend your public class and give 1:1 feedback at the reduced cost of $40 + cost of the class.

Please fill out the questionnaire. I am exploring days/times, as well as getting a sense of your needs and where you would like to grow.

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Which topics are important to you?
What goal(s) is(are) you working towards as a yoga teacher or professional right now?
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Any other comments and/or questions?
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