Questionnaire for parents and children
Dear parents,

We represent the project “MAP Prague 12 continues“. In Prague 12, Prague – Libuš and Prague-Kunratice we connect schools, parents and other parties interested in education provided in kindergartens and elementary schools.

Our aim is to improve the quality of education and therefore we are interested in your opinions concerning the second wave of distance learning.

We hope distance learning will not be necessary for much longer. The situation was not easy and it is essential to appreciate how well the children, also with your great support, have been doing. We all hope that the unwanted, yet possible, next wave of closing schools or distance learning caused by different reasons would build upon our best practice and allow us to avoid practices that were not good for schools, parents and mainly children.

Thank you very much for spending your time on the questionnaire and filling it in with your children. If you have more than one child attending the school, you can fill in the questionnaire for each child separately. Your answers are anonymous, organized according to schools and grades. Filling in the questionnaire is going to take you approximately 10 minutes, please fill it in by Monday, 7 December, 2020.

The outcomes of the survey are going to be published on the website, shared with the schools and discussed with parents in the workgroup Family, school and community on 13 January, 2021. You can participate in the workgroup meeting after your registration here:

When preparing the questionnaire we used the questionnaire MAS Kutnohorsko.
1) My child attends the following school *
2) My child attends the following grade (pick one answer only)
Clear selection
3) My child’s distance learning was organized via: (you can pick more answers)
4) Choose the relevant statement (more than one answer is possible)
Were you missing equipment for distance learning? (eg. notebook, tablet, software)
Did you purchase any equipment for distance learning?
Clear selection
Did anyone donate/rent you necessary equipment for the second wave of distance learning (school, NGO, another subject)?
Clear selection
If you says yes in previous answer, please write us the name of school or company, which donate/rent you necesary equipment for the second wave of distance learning:
5) How did most teachers provide feedback? (more answers are possible)
6) How did teachers present new subject matter? (more answers are possible)
7) Mark to what extent you agree with the following statements: (select all relevant answers):
I don’t agree
I mostly don’t agree
I mostly agree
I agree
The amount of assignments has been adequate
My child did the assignments on time
Work was assigned in an uncoordinated manner
I found the assigned work meaningful
Assignments also concerned new subject matters children hadn’t covered
we were satisfied with distance learning in our school
Clear selection
8) I usually helped my child with distance learning (pick one answer)
Clear selection
9) My child spent daily on the compulsory work for school (including online lessons) (pick one answer)
Clear selection
10) What was the biggest problem concerning distance learning your family had to solve? (more answers are possible)
11) Who helped you with distance learning the most? (more answers are possible)
12) What positive aspects did distance learning have for your child? (more answers are possible)
Room for further opinions, school appraisal, scope for improvement
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