Franchise Application Form 天仁茗茶特許經營申請表
Thank you for your interest in owning and operating a Ten Ren's Tea Express Franchise. 首先感謝您對本公司特許經營計劃的興趣。
This form will help you prepare and present your personal and business information which is essential for our consideration in granting Franchise Licenses. Please complete it thoroughly and upload your personal resume in the last section of this form. Please noted that incomplete applications may not be reviewed. This form is an application only, and is not an agreement of any kind. An agreement can only arise upon the execution of the requisite franchise agreement by the parties thereto, following the mandatory fourteen (14) days waiting period. 此表格會幫助您準備和展示個人和商業的資料,這將會是我們在授予特許經營權時必須考慮的因素。請詳細填寫此表格並在最後一頁上上載個人履歷表。請注意,不完整的申請表將不會被審查。本表格只適用於申請,並非等同於任何形式的協議。特許經營協議只會在雙方同意執行的情況下的14天後方為有效。
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