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Although our organization is primarily focused on the arts and bringing arts to every child through virtual classes, we also realize that many students, particularly right now, are struggling academically. Tutoring can be extremely expensive and with our mission to bring arts education to all, AT NO COST, we are extending this to academics.

Feel free to fill out this form for multiple subjects! You must do this by re-filling out the information after submitting once.
Link To DONATE --> https://gofund.me/ad5cf976

As always a private tutor is not guaranteed, however, our private tutoring coordinator will try her absolute best!

Once signed up, you will receive more information in the coming days including a zoom link, instructor email, and donation link if a tutor is available.

For private lessons, we have a suggested donation of $10 that goes to growing C4C's mission of providing free arts education. Link to donate is emailed out by our private tutoring coordinator and is also found on our website (www.crafters4creativity.com) under the "About" page. No donation is required to hold private lessons, however, it is greatly appreciated and will only grow our mission!

As always email at crafters4reativity@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

*Please note that instructors are not compensated for their services as they work on a volunteer basis for Crafters-4-Creativity Inc. *

Link To DONATE --> https://gofund.me/ad5cf976

***Teachers communicate strictly through email and by signing up you consent to receiving emails from C4C staff****
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