HVF Labs: Extracting Value from Hard Problems
Time: Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Beckman Institute room 115


Ben Jun and Alex Hartz from HVF Labs, a venture capital firm and innovation lab founded by Max Levchin, will come to campus to speak about extracting value from hard problems. HVF stands for "Hard, Valuable, Fun." They will speak about their experiences building and selling complex technologies, in addition to their process for identifying problems that are both hard and valuable.

Ben Jun: Ben is a professional seeker of HVF problems. He operates HVF Labs, a company creation lab and halfway house for former company founders. Ben formerly co-founded Cryptography Research, and over 20 billion consumer devices have shipped with security technologies he helped develop and architect. His security components play a role in leading payment systems, mobile phones, digital content, and semiconductor companies. Ben serves on the Board of Advisors of the RSA Conference.

Alex Hartz: A Caltech alumnus and a former member of Avery House. Alex works on the investments team at HVF, where he focuses on Seed through Series B deals. He additionally holds an operational role on the strategy team at Glow, a big data health company started at HVF.

HVF is an umbrella project for Max Levchin's data-focused undertakings. Its core thesis is that thanks to low-cost sensors of every imaginable type, near-ubiquitous wireless broadband, and advances in distributed computing and storage, data is becoming our most plentiful, and most under-exploited commodity. The insights mined from it will unlock enormous productivity gains, create efficiencies where none existed before, and meaningfully improve lives. The mission of HVF is to be the catalyst of that transformation.

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