Kinky Salon Cabaret Performance Application
Thank you for your interest in performing at Kinky Salon! We are excited to hear what you have in mind. Here are a few things to know about this process.

1. Performers receive $50 and a plus one to Kinky Salon. Both you and your attendee must be members of Kinky Salon and have a PAL. (You can be each other's PAL's) All Kinky Salon charter rules still apply to you.

2. Performances will be chosen based on adherence to the theme, novelty, creativity, and quality.

3. Lots of thought goes into the curation of the cabaret, including diversity of performers and genres, prioritizing traveling performers, matching the culture and mission of Kinky Salon and following the theme. As a result, we your act might not be chosen for a variety of reasons, and we sincerely hope that you do not take it personally and that you do apply again in the future. Feedback on why you were not chosen might be given at the discretion of Kinky Salon leadership.

4. Please do not confirm with us unless you are positive that you can and will perform. Cancellations are unacceptable except for the most serious of circumstances. We will be very unlikely to book you again if you cancel.

5. Performances at Kinky Salon can include just about anything. We are not a typical venue and do not serve alcohol, so think outside the typical performer box and show us something crazy :)
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