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**This application is for President ONLY**
To apply for different exec roles --> https://forms.gle/N8TBHHc6SJYD9Pjp8

Enactus Durham is a society that creates social enterprise businesses to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At Enactus Durham we believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others create a better world for us all. We use the power of business to find innovative solutions to both local and global problems. Teams of students create projects to solve these complex issues which not only benefit communities through collaboration and new innovation, it also provides students with invaluable experience to advance their personal and professional lives.

Application close on 9th April
Please select your interview slot by 12th April
Interviews will be held between 15th - 16th April
Results on 19th April

*You must be available to attend different exec interviews once you are elected as the President of 2021/22*
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