Improve Existing, Convert Underutilized Fields, & Increase Field Access for Youth Soccer in Malden

We, the undersigned, support the Malden Youth Soccer Association and youth soccer in Malden. We seek improvements to existing fields currently used for soccer, conversion of underutilized existing fields to soccer and multi-use fields, and greater access to the existing fields in Malden.

Malden Youth Soccer has 800 registered players this year as of May 2017. Our access to fields in general, and fields that are well-maintained, useable during the spring, well-lit, and which provide opposing teams from other towns in our league a safe and attractive venue is greatly disproportionate to our numbers.

MYSA provides a safe environment for the children of Malden to learn a sport and sportsmanship, play outside, make friends, and gain confidence through the development of skills and physical health. Our numbers have increased steadily over the past decade and continue to do so at faster rates each year with the demands of our population. Malden has the second most diverse population in the state of Massachusetts ( and this population plays soccer.

For these reasons, we request that 1) Malden Youth Soccer have greater access to existing fields at times appropriate to our age groups; 2) the City includes in its Open Space Plan improvements to the extent possible for existing fields; 3) conversion of underutilized existing fields include soccer and multi-use fields for the benefit of all the children of Malden.

We Are Malden Youth Soccer!
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