Science Undergraduate Society: Listserv Submission Requests
Please note that the Listserv will be sent out to Science students every Sunday evening. All submissions must be sent BEFORE NOON; otherwise, they will be included in the following week's Listserv.

- Make a submission for something that is happening/due before the Sunday following your submission
- Submit a full poster as your attached image. Images should be simple graphics i.e. with a title or a logo, not a page with all the details that are mentioned in your blurb.

It is highly suggested that any acronyms in your blurb be spelled out at least once. Otherwise, it will be added in at our discretion. Please make sure to include the specific date, time and location of your event in the blurb.

Please note that during periods of high volume of Listserv submissions, some blurbs may not be included until the week(s) to follow. Selection of the blurbs to be included in the upcoming Listserv will be based on the date and relevance of the event being advertised.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Ianna Folkes (VP Communications) at

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