2018 Assumption Parish PRIMARY STUDENT Survey
What school do you currently attend? *
My teachers care about me (2c) *
In class, we read stories about real places and people (3b) *
I like to learn (3c) *
My teachers help me learn when I am stuck (3a) *
I like my school (2c) *
My teachers make learning math fun (3b) *
My teachers like school (2c) *
I get to work with other kids in class (3b) *
Students help each other to learn in class (3b) *
There are bullies in this school (2c) *
My teachers make writing fun (3c) *
My teachers help me use rubrics to score my work (3c) *
I know my reading level (3c) *
We work in groups during class time to answer questions (3b) *
I feel safe in my school *
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