````````````Mythic Raiding Survey
Just want to get an idea on everyone's thoughts on Mythic raiding as a whole.
Who the hell are you? (What do we know you as?) *
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How interested are you in Mythic raiding as a whole? *
Not at all.
Hell yeah!
Mythic progression will obviously require more wipes, more planning, more time between pulls. How much of a problem is this? *
Fuck that.
No problem-o!
Which of the following sounds more appealing as a raid atmosphere? *
Are you currently interested in your role, or do you feel you would be more inclined to raid in a Mythic setting given a different role (tank, healer, dps, etc) *
What other thoughts do you have about Mythic raiding as a whole? *
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With Blizzard's announcement that BFA will be released "On or before September 21st", there is high likelihood that people will get burnt out on current content before BFA release date. Down the road, if we choose to take a break from raiding, what would your response be? (Example: Play casually, unsubscribe until we resume regular raids in BFA, find a different guild, etc.) *
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