Duplicate UPK Survey
Given the challenges in the trust department right now, we are asking you to do the unheard of:

PLEASE fill out this duplicate survey OR forward the response from your survey to us (and answer our two additional questions via email).  We are asking EVERY UPK provider that responded to the state Universal Preschool Colorado Provider Survey  to send us your responses or to fill out this survey for us.  We have duplicated it and added two questions to the bottom.  

We need to know what the state has been told so that we can ensure that what we hear back is accurate and representative of your voice in it's entirety.  The other difference?  We are asking for your email in case we have to reach out to you for clarification (NEVER to be shared---we WILL keep it confidential.)
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Provide Your feedback on each aspect of the application and enrollment process *
very satisfied
very dissatisfied
Provider Registration
Login and account creation
Creating your provider profile
Matching process
Acceptance of enrollees
Enrollment verification
If you selected dissatisfied or very dissatisfied, please describe the challenges your experienced.
On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate your overall experience with the Universal Preschool Colorado application/enrollment process?
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In what ways can we make improvements for year two specific to the application and enrollment process?
(Additional question): What do you want the state to use next year? *
email *
If you would like to see what other programs have to say on this survey, go to www.coloradoecea.org/news  You will find a post there that shares the results!
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