Oaks, Diseases and Pests in California
Akif Escalen, Ph.D, UCR Dept of Plant Pathology
Quiz based on the following presentation: http://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/p3l2ke4dp82/
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4. Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Infects:
5. What shape are the exit holes from the Gold Spotted Oak Borer?
6. Foamy Bark Canker is a complex involving Western Oak Bark Beetle (Pseudopityophthorus pubipennis) and:
7. Which of the following counties has Foamy Bark Canker not yet been confirmed in?
8. What color sap may be seen oozing from entry holes of trees infected by Foamy Bark:
9. Charcoal Fungus (Biscogniauxia mediterranea) occurs most often after a fire.
10. Phytophthora cinnanomi is a common disease on avocados.
11. White rots (Ganoderma spp) do not often kill plants.
12. Armillaria root rot is also known as oak root fungus.
13. Brown rots usually attack phloem tissue.
14. Foamy Bark Canker generally attacks Valley Oak.
15. Oak Decline is associated with drought-stressed trees.
16. Management activities in oak woodlands should be done during dry period to reduce the spread and sporulation of fungal propagules.
17. Western Oak Bark Beetle is Native to Mexico.
18. The "three cut method" should be used when oak branches larger than 3 inches are in need of pruning.
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