Heartward Membership Questionnaire
Thank you for filling in this survey, which will enable us to get a sense of your interest in Heartward.
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If you haven't already done so, please watch our presentation and answer the questions below (can be watched at 1.5 speed!).
What is your present level of interest in Heartward?
Is there anything in particular you need to know to make a decision on your level of interest in Heartward?
For those interested in applying for one of the two levels of membership, please complete the following questions:
Tell us about your household
Who belongs to it, ages, special needs, anything that you think might be relevant
What do we need to know about you?
Tell us a bit more about yourself and your interest in Heartward.
What might you bring to this project at this pre-build stage of its development?

While we do need more help, this is not mandatory to be accepted as a member, and we are aware of differing levels of time and energy. Please try to be as honest with yourself here as possible. 
What do you think you could bring to the community once you have moved in?

You could tell us about your interests, what skills you have, and what else you might want to bring to a community like this. Again, please be honest with yourself and say only what you would be happy to give.
If you are interested in full membership, how much would you have available to invest in the project within the next six months? What would this depend upon?

Please note: we will likely have to fund one or more initial planning applications, which will be expensive and, should the entire project not come to fruition, it's possible we may not recover our investment.
Again, if you are interested in full membership, how much would you be able to invest on completion (18 months - 3 years from now). Please indicate if this would depend on factors such as selling a property.

We are seeking to fund approximately 20 - 30% of the final build cost (land purchase, planning permission, build etc). This suggests an average household investment of £50 - £60,000 (based on £300k average property cost).

This investment would be yours and returnable if you were to sell later, similar to a deposit on a house that you purchased. 
We base our community vision on 3 pillars:

Ecologically Regenerative - build materials; regenerative energy systems; land use; car-sharing, etc
Socially Positive - connection to the local community; diversity; conscious communication tools; sociocratic governance
Financially Sustainable - affordable housing for our residents now and in the long term

Is one of these particularly important to you? Can you please tell us briefly why?
Regarding the HW presentation, what were your key takeaways? Was there anything you felt was missing?
Any additional comments?
How did you hear about Heartward? *
Other: I heard about Heartward from ... 
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