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An Escape From Tarkov Forum Game Master Must Be/Be Able To:

Punctuality - World’s calculate moves twice per week and as such you need to be timely with this.

Worldbuilding - Our world is a blank canvas, you need to be able to give players something to go off of, this is the foundation of good roleplay.

Improvisation - Most times our players do the predictable thing, sometimes they jump out of a three story window. Be prepared to improvise.

Roleplay - The players describe their own actions. We must be EVERYTHING else! Even if thats the hostile scav, the bartender, or even the rotten floorboard that's going to break when stepped on.

Lore - You need to have a decent understanding of the situation in Tarkov. Or the willingness to read through the lore and other documentation.

If you think you have what it takes we encourage you to submit an application below.

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