Space Decentral Crowdsale
Thanks for your interest in being an early participant and a financial contributor to Space Decentral. If you are interested in funding the future of space exploration, we would like to hear from you and have the opportunity to provide you with the information you need to determine whether contributing to Space Decentral aligns with your long-term values.

While our White Paper is not yet complete, we can tell you that participants in our first funding round will receive some unique benefits. First, these participants will receive priority consideration when Space Decentral begins granting full voting privileges in the network.

Second, early participants will be able to influence the first 2018 Space Decentral program. In the Space Decentral Network, voting influence for selecting programs is determined by token holdings. We have structured Space Decentral in this fashion to ensure that participants share a long-term interest in space exploration. In other words, we are interested in cultivating interest from and relationships with citizens, entrepreneurs, scientists and futurists who believe that (a) the human species underfunds space exploration and (b) this is a problem that must be effectively addressed.

For more details, refer to the white paper:

Note: The terms for the token sale are still being refined. Populating this form is to merely register interest. It is not a commitment from you to purchase the tokens. We will send the full terms and conditions before purchase.

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