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Terms and Conditions
Rates and Payment :

Lesson are available in 30 minute or 1 hour blocks. A 30min lesson = $35.00, a 1 hour lesson = $70.00.

Lessons occur weekly, during the same time slot on the same day of the week as scheduled.

Lessons must be purchased in 1 month packages. While lessons are purchased monthly to make it easier for peoples budgets, it is expected that the student will continue lessons until the teaching season has ended at the end of June.

Payment must be received at beginning of the first lesson of the month before lessons can commence. Depending on your day of the week, there may be occasions where students have 4 or 5 lessons in a month.

Lessons will occur once a week at my home studio in either half hour or 1 hour increments, based on my availability and your preferences, and your skill level. This will be determined during your first visit. Alternatively, lessons may also be provided via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom due to the COVID 19 situation. For in person lessons, we can wear masks if parents/students prefer. I will have hand sanitizer on hand. Students should not come to in person lessons if they have any symptoms, feel ill, etc. We will simply revert to Skype/Facetime in those cases. Should the COVID situation worsen in Grande Prairie, we can simply continue with at a distance lessons offered digitally. If anyone in our household becomes ill or has symptoms, we will revert to Skype/Facetime until the situation is resolved.

To simplify scheduling I will not teach statutory holidays.

Payments may be made by cash, cheque, or email money transfer. Cheques should be made out to Chris McIntyre, etransfers to If payment is not received at the beginning of the month, the student runs the risk of losing their time slot

Attendance and Cancellation Policy:

Lessons should be scheduled for a day and time that the student will be available every week throughout the month. Check sports schedules, outside activity schedules, family schedules, etc. before committing to a time slot.

Cancellations will not be refunded. Generally, I do not give makeup lessons, only under rare circumstances at my discretion. Repeat cancellations may result in being removed from the lesson schedule and losing your time slot.
If a student decides they no longer wish to take lessons, out of courtesy, 2 weeks notice shall be given in order to give me time to fill the open slot. As mentioned previously, if a student can't come because they catch a cold, we can simply do that lesson via Skype/Facetime. In these challenging times, I need to be able to rely on people who sign up for lessons to commit to the schedule in order to keep my business viable. Musician's other sources of income will be the last to come back, with all performances being cancelled until the COVID situation improves, so we will be relying more than ever on our teaching incomes to get us through these times.

On rare occasions I may need to cancel a lesson. Most of the time I know my schedule well in advance, and can inform students at the beginning of the month if I will be missing a lesson that month before payment. However, things can pop up from time to time. If I need to cancel a lesson, I will credit that lesson to the next month, or arrange a makeup lesson if feasible. If anyone in our household catches a cold, we will simply revert to Skype/Facetime until we know it's not serious.

Before teaching can begin, you must accept the terms of this contract.

Students are responsible for the purchase of their own books, instruments, and other materials needed for the lessons they are receiving. I will assist in referring students to where they can obtain these items.

I will instruct students on how much practice is ideal and will encourage students in their practicing. Nevertheless, it is up the student to do their own practicing. Progress will be made most quickly by those students who maintain the recommended daily practice time. Students should find a time each day without distractions or other obligations that they can dedicate to their practice. With younger students, it may be beneficial to have their parent attend some of the lessons and be able to assist the student with practicing. Feel free to ask me anytime how your child is progressing.

Student Responsibilities
I will arrive at my lesson on time with my books and lesson materials, and a great attitude ready to learn and make music.
I will make sure I practice/complete all that is assigned.
I will decide on a consistent daily practice time when I will be well-rested and free from distractions and other commitments.
I will attend all lessons.
I will not attend in person if I have cough or cold symptoms, but we can continue via Skype/Facetime until I am better.

Teacher Responsibilities
I will do my part to help each student succeed in reaching their musical goals.
I will provide a professional studio environment free from distractions and conductive to learning and music making.
I will teach students using a well-rounded approach that includes music theory, proper technique, a variety repertoire in different genres, and build overall musicianship.
I will teach the individual and adjust my teaching approach to those needs, strengths and and weaknesses of each student.
I will provide a positive and fun atmosphere where learning will happen and great music will be made.
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