5th Year Assessment and Feedback Survey
Dunshaughlin Community College
I generally understand what I need to do to succeed in class. *
If you strongly disagree with the above question please explain why.
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My teachers give me SPECIFIC feedback on how to improve MY work *
My teachers give me feedback in the following ways: (Tick for yes) *
I prefer to receive feedback in the following way: *
I feel confident I can improve my work when the teacher gives me feedback.
If you chose never for the question above please explain why.
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Give examples of feedback/comments you find helpful. *
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Give examples of feedback/comments you find unhelpful. *
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How frequently have you experienced the following forms of assessment in class this year. *
Once a month
Once a week
Every class
I don't know/Unsure
Teacher asks questions in class
Class tests
Project Work
Peer assesment (classmate corrects my work using marking scheme)
Self assessment (I correct my own work using marking scheme)
Class discussion about progress
Traffic light system (green, amber and red for understanding)
Online quizzes
Name one type of assessment that helps you learn. *
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Name one type of assessment that does not help you learn. *
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What type of assessment is used most in your classes? *
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Has feedback changed for you in senior cycle in comparison to your junior cycle experience? Please explain.
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Why do you think your work is assessed? *
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