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English Language Grammar Pretest
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A few best students________ in my class, and Yaya _____one of them. *
You haven't got _______ luggage, have you? *
Every night for the last two years Wanmai _______ in this restaurant. *
They all laughed because the film was very _______. *
My friend passed the examination ________ his laziness. *
I was ______ to see the cat playing with the dog. *
This student cannot avoid _________ mistakes. *
Not only my son but also I _______ tired from walking so far. *
If you want me to help you, _____ me on the phone. *
My teacher arrived after I ________ for him for ten minutes. *
They could reach the house ________ the road was flooded. *
My daughter ______ here but she doesn't work here now. *
Physics _____ my favorite subject when I was at school. *
I think this computer is not _________ that one. *
You _______ from my postcard that I was in Canada last week if you had looked closely. *
Please remember ______ this exercise first, Nadech. *
Even though Aum has _____ classes, she has ____ time than last semester. *
My brother ______ because he was absent yesterday. *
You don't want another ice cream, _______? *
We are looking forward ______ your new book. *
What ______ at ten o'clock yesterday? *
These questions are very easy, but _____ of us could answer them. *
She couldn't go to school ______ the rain. *
English is an _____ subject. I am ______ in it. *
Our family has known her ______ she was a young girl. *
When the telephone rang, I _______ an e-mail. *
A: "Let's go talk to him now, _______?" B:"Yes, let's go!" *
A:"Do you often hear from Prakorn?" B:"No, I _______ from him since I ________ his last letter two months ago." *
A:"_______ did they arrive?" B:"Ten minutes ago." *
Peter was born in this village and he ________ to everyone here as a famous singer. *
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