New Choreographer's Initiative
Interested in being a part of this mentorship program? Have an idea but want another set of eyes on it? Want the best parts of talking to that choreography teacher without being afraid of a bad grade or academic drama? Yes?! Then you are in the right place.

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Program details:
This mentorship program is free of charge, and gives newer choreographers one-on-one time with J. Lindsay Brown, the artistic director of J. Lindsay Brown Dance (established 2013). Participants will receive a performance slot in an upcoming project with the company.

Participants will meet with Lindsay at least twice a month to review their work via video (or in person), to talk about the work's progress, and explore new ideas and methods together. Although no one is required to take feedback, the ideal participant is interested in applying new ideas to their choreographic systems, and eager to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Lindsay will walk participants through the process of finding cast members, rehearsal spaces, how to pay dancers, how to cut music, or anything else that might come up (or, if these things are already well in hand, just focus on making the dance). She is also there if you have an artistic freak out, or need a sounding board for rehearsal issues.

Who is eligible:
This program is open to all choreographers who seeks to produce professional, contemporary/modern/post-modern concert dance (or theatre-dance). Applicants should have some experience creating dances. Also, if you have made dances before (or even many dances), but are interested in working with Lindsay in this way, please apply! Must be at least 18 year olds. Current undergraduate students are not eligible.

About Lindsay:
Lindsay has a B.A and a M.F.A in choreography, and has choreographed over 20 dances in every imaginable setting. She has taught choreography to others for over a decade. You can see her work at

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