ETC Board 2019/20
Interested in leading the tech revolution on campus? Do you live and breathe technology? Does AI, Machine Learning, IoT and similar tech fascinate you? Then apply to be part of our next board!

Here are the available positions next year:

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- you are entrepreneurial and vision driven.
- you eat strategy for breakfast.
- you are experienced at leading teams, running meetings, and delivering effective presentations.
- and most importantly, you keep the spirits high!
Finance & Data Officer
- you have experience with structuring teams and performance management.
- data analysis and visualization is what makes you tick.
- you like to keep track of expenses and justify buying a drone, or two.
- you get it done, no matter the odds or difficulties!
Marketing Director
- you have a knack for design.
- you know how to write in an engaging way.
- you have experience with managing social media channels and doing paid advertisement.
- you're a growth hacker at heart, testing and improving stuff is what makes you tick.
- you love to be challenged, creative solutions are your thing, but most of all, you’re into getting shit done!
Director of Events
- you always keep the bigger picture in mind, while still focusing on the details.
- you think everything through and plan ahead.
- you are not afraid of taking the lead and delegating.
- you have experience in event management and external relations.
- you want to create the best experience possible for the members of ETC, while improving your interpersonal and management skills.
Business Developer
- you are a natural at persuasion, both in speech and text.
- you have experience in external relations and excel at social interaction.
- you have an eye for detail.
- you are proactive and on top of things.
- you want to be in direct contact with C-levels of the biggest tech firms in the world.
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