Goblet W4 P8
I'm going to be going on a semipermanent hiatus from FFXIV, but I want my house to go to good use. So, I'm going to be passing off Goblet W4P8 (medium, right beside a market board and aetheryte, but with a large plot blocking the view). It's tied to a rank 8 FC, has a capped airship, and the FC has somewhere in the vicinity of a 700k company credits, so don't worry about the move.

Preferably this'll go to an FC that has no house currently, and in even higher considerations one without the funds to buy a Kugane house. My only requirement is I can plunk my two characters down in the FC for if I ever decide to pop back into Eorzea.

What is your FC's name?
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What does your FC do?
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What is your ingame name / how can I contact you (discord, telegram, tumblr, etc)?
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How would you be well-served by this house?
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