Kite Runner Test: Chapters 10-20 (2017)
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1. What do Afghans call the Soviets?
2. Why did Kamal's father shoot himself? *
3. What did Mr. Nguyen say that offended Baba? *
4. Where did Baba work in California? *
5. What did Baba say the night of Amir's graduation? *
6. Why did Amir call Soraya his "Swap Meet Princess"? *
7. What did General Taheri do for work in America? *
8. What did Baba refuse? *
9. What happend to Khanum Taheri during the time Soraya had run off? *
10. What did Amir find out about Soraya the night they were engaged? *
11. What is it called when a man's father proposes to a woman on behalf of his son?
12. Why do Amir and Soraya skip their engagement party? *
13. What did Amir find out that made him cry? *
14. What did General Taheri forbid Khanum Taheri to do? *
15. What word describes Khanum Taheri? *
16. Why did Amir pity Soraya sometimes? *
17. What was the cause of Amir and Soraya's infertility? *
18. What did General Taheri discourage the couple from doing? *
19. Where did Amir fly to see Rahim Khan? *
20. What didn't Rahim Khan remember? *
21. Why did Rahim Khan seek out Hassan? *
22. What was Hassan's wife's name? *
23. How did Hassan mourn Baba? *
24. What happened to Hassan's daughter? *
25. After whom did Hassan name Sohrab?
26. What did Hassan NOT teach Sohrab how to do? *
27. Why did Sanaubar return? *
28. How did Hassan die? *
29. Who was held accountable for Hassan and Farzana's deaths? *
30. Why is Farid rude to Amir? *
31. Who calls Amir "a true Afghan"? *
32. Where is the orphanage where Sohrab was styaing?
33. Who are the Caldwells? *
34. What does Amir leave under Wahid's mattress? *
35. Which of the following would NOT be a good theme of The Kite Runner? *
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