Kite Runner Test: Chapters 10-20 (2016)
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1. What do Afghans call the Soviets?
2. Why did Kamal's father shoot himself?
3. What did Mr. Nguyen say that offended Baba?
4. Where did Baba work in California?
5. What did Baba say the night of Amir's graduation?
6. Why did Amir call Soraya his "Swap Meet Princess"?
7. What did General Taheri do for work in America?
8. What did Baba refuse?
9. What happend to Khanum Taheri during the time Soraya had run off?
10. What did Amir find out about Soraya the night they were engaged?
11. What is it called when a man's father proposes to a woman on behalf of his son?
12. Why do Amir and Soraya skip their engagement party?
13. What did Amir find out that made him cry?
14. What did General Taheri forbid Khanum Taheri to do?
15. What word describes Khanum Taheri?
16. Why did Amir pity Soraya sometimes?
17. What was the cause of Amir and Soraya's infertility?
18. What did General Taheri discourage the couple from doing?
19. Where did Amir fly to see Rahim Khan?
20. What didn't Rahim Khan remember?
21. Why did Rahim Khan seek out Hassan?
22. What was Hassan's wife's name?
23. How did Hassan mourn Baba?
24. What happened to Hassan's daughter?
25. After whom did Hassan name Sohrab?
26. What did Hassan NOT teach Sohrab how to do?
27. Why did Sanaubar return?
28. How did Hassan die?
29. Who was held accountable for Hassan and Farzana's deaths?
30. Why is Farid rude to Amir?
31. Who calls Amir "a true Afghan"?
32. Where is the orphanage where Sohrab was styaing?
33. Who are the Caldwells?
34. What does Amir leave under Wahid's mattress?
35. Which of the following would NOT be a good theme of The Kite Runner?
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