Joining The Creative Hive

I’m starting The Creative Hive because my personal and professional networks intersect many, many fields. I want a way to connect all these interesting creative minds together, so I’m making a Slack community team for The Creative Hive.

Are you looking for new job opportunities? Do you need some tips and support for making the move to remote or freelance work?

Do you just want to talk about books, writing, philosophy?

Do you want to network with other awesome creative people off of Facebook?

Let’s leverage the Hive Mind of social media, but bring it back into an AIM/chat room feel.

You can jump into all of it, some of it, or just dip your toe in (you can always decide it’s not for you).

And if you’ve never used Slack before, don’t fret. It’s easy to get off the ground. After giving me a few short details, I'll send you a welcome email and give you some tips about how to get started!
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Who referred you to The Creative Hive? If it was me, welcome!

Has it been a while since we've chatted? Let's catch up!

If it was a mutual friend, who's our common connection?
How were you referred to the Creative Hive? *
If I referred you, has it been a while since we last caught up? If so, let's reconnect!
If someone else referred you, who's our common connection?
Thanks for filling out your information!
You'll be getting a welcome email from me soon, with a link to our team on Slack.

Get those creative minds moving!

Emma Sedlak
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