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St Marys Youth & Young Adults Ministry is a collaboration of all youth from all the youth-groups in the parish and parish youth. It is open to all youth of the parish who are willing to help and assist the parish and participate in all youth related programs and opportunities to grow in their faith through spiritual formation programs. The youth members also assist the different ministries in the parish like Family ministry, Samaritans Ministry, Parish Fest, Sports Fest etc in all their initiatives and assist the Parish Priest in all programs organised by the parish.

Registration is for all existing youth-group members and also for new registrations. For any queries you can contact

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What programs\workshops would you recommend parish youth ministry to organise specifically for the Youth & Young Adult's Ministry?
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Please note if your family has registered you can use the same Family Parish registration number. If you are alone in Dubai and have not yet registered, you can register yourself here .
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Let us know what you're good at or enjoy doing (e.g. Singing, Playing instruments, Graphic Designing, Organizing etc. ) Request you to select minimum one & Maximum two teams so you can provide your full support.
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Please note if you are currently supporting any ministry in the parish and have committed yourself, you can continue supporting it and whenever you are available you can support the Youth and Young Adults ministry.

If you would like your youth ministry/community youth group to join & be part of the St. Mary's Youth and Young Adults Ministry or you need any further information please feel free to contact

Orlando -- 050-8065626 or Rachel 056 545 9181

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