It's time to prepare your journey with us!
We are planing the 2017/18 season...
What is Erasmus Student Network (ESN)?
What is ESN Minho?
Erasmus Student Network Minho is a team of volunteers focused in helping and planning many activities for you, such as:
- Trips;
- Cultural and interactive evenings;
- Thematic Dinners and Parties;
- Much more...

Discover the secrets Portugal holds with us!
What is the ESNcard?
Just to clear things out, we will help you and be your friends even if you don't buy the ESNcard.
The ESNcard (€10) gives you many discounts locally and internationality.
Your ESNCard, besides great discounts, it's also an awesome souvenir!
What discounts are we really talking about?
International discounts:
- Ryanair (15% discount in all flights + check-in luggage free)
- Uniplaces (25% off the service fee)
- Eurosender (10%)

Local discounts:
- Discounts in ESN Minho activities (trips, dinners, ...)
- Local restaurants, bars and shops in the university area.

Check all the discounts here:

Why do we do this?
Patrick was an ERASMUS at Minho...
Now it's your turn to be part of this international family and we are here to help you!
How will you choose to live your ERASMUS?
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