Creative Classroom Mini Grant Application for use in the 2017-18 school year
Teachers of gifted students (grades K through 12) in the State of Florida who are a member in good standing of FLAG are eligible to apply for a Creative Classroom Mini-Grant. This Grant program is meant to promote new and creative teaching strategies. A completed application must be submitted to be considered for funding. Please Note: The maximum individual grant amount is $500. Cooperative projects between teachers can be funded up to a maximum of $500 per teacher. All applications are due midnight (EDITED) August 1, 2017. Selected Project Directors will be notified by August 30, 2017. Funds will be dispersed February 2018.

The purpose of the FLAG Mini-grant program is to provide seed money for innovative curriculum activities which expand learning opportunities for gifted students. Team applications are welcome; however one person must be designated as the Project Director. The Project Director must be a member of FLAG (dues paid to cover the 2017-18 school year), must have taught at the elementary or secondary level in gifted education for a minimum of three years, and must be currently employed as a classroom teacher.

Awardees will be selected by a committee appointed by the FLAG President. The committee will be looking for projects that will directly impact student learning in the gifted classroom. The committee will also evaluate the originality, creativity and cost effectiveness of the proposals. Ideally, the projects that are funded will provide the students with new experiences and make possible new investigations. Preference will be given to persons who have not received prior FLAG Mini-grant awards. The selection committee may elect to not make an award if the proposals do not meet the stated criteria. It is anticipated that most awards will be made in the range of $100-$500.

Mini-grant funds may be spent for supplies, equipment, printing, and other materials essential to the project. Mini-grant funds are not intended for student travel (field trips) or for the personal remuneration of the grant recipients. All materials will become the property of the Project Director at the time the grant is awarded.

Upon completion of the funded activity the Project Director is responsible for submitting the following by May 30, 2018:
1) a brief article about the project, or photos for the newsletter to;
2) an accounting of how/where the project funds were spent, with receipts submitted to;
3) arrange to make a presentation sharing the project with others at the FLAG Annual Convention in Fall 2018; and,
4) return any unused funds to the FLAG Treasurer.

To support exemplary classroom efforts by teachers.
To encourage the development of programs enriching the education of gifted children.
To increase pride in and awareness of excellent gifted programs in Florida schools.

$500 is the maximum permitted per teacher per project. If project cost is more than $500, the balance of funding and source must be stated on application if grant monies does not cover the entire expenditure.
Innovation and originality are the highest priority.
The number of students affected by the project will be a consideration to determine program impact.
The Committee will attempt to award grants so as to include the maximum number of schools and retain a balance of grade levels.
Preference will be given to in-school activities. Transportation costs, personnel pay and extracurricular programs are not eligible for Mini-Grant funding.
Preference will be given to new projects that support system-wide goals and relate to established curriculum.
Successful applicants will be required to attend FLAG Conference (complementary) to present a short presentation of their project and results for grant reporting and evaluation purposes.

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