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A Beacons trainee, consumer or participant, or any representative acting on behalf of any trainee, consumer or participant, may file a grievance or share a complaint with Beacons, Inc. regarding Beacons and/or its activities and/or practices, a staff member or volunteer, or other item by completing this online Beacons Complaint Form.

This form will be submitted to Beacons, Inc. by clicking on the "submit" button at the end after all the "required" fields are completed. In the event you do not want to share your complaint or concern through this form, you may submit your concerns or complaints to the President of Beacons or the Executive Director, in person or via email to:

Please be as detailed as possible about your concerns or complaint so that we may work to resolve or address the concern or complaint as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
The Beacons Team
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