Chi Alpha Summer Reading Project 2017
Every year we do a summer reading project. This is a chance for us to continue to grow as a community even though we will be separated by many miles. We'll distribute a reading schedule and set up some optional Google Hangouts online.

Our book this summer is To Change The World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World by James Davison Hunter, a Christian who is a sociologist at UVA. This is a thoughtful book about how Christians should relate to culture, which seems timely given the bitter political season we're living through.

From the publisher's summary: "The call to make the world a better place is inherent in the Christian belief and practice. But why have efforts to change the world by Christians so often failed or gone tragically awry? And how might Christians in the 21st century live in ways that have integrity with their traditions and are more truly transformative?"

Two helpful reviews are at and

Special bonus - for the first time ever, our summer reading project is a book that is available online.

So if you're interested, fill out the form. Schedule of readings is at

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