Just Ask Trafficking Prevention 2020-2021 Student Advisory Council (SAC) Application
Thank you for applying to Just Ask Prevention's SAC!
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1. Is there a human trafficking awareness club at your school? *
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2. Why do you want to join the Student Advisory Council? *
3. In your opinion, why is teen advocacy so important to the prevention of human trafficking? *
4. What are your personal strengths (writing, photography, public speaking, media, leadership, technology skills) and how could these help you succeed in the council? *
5. Describe 2-3 ways you can help the Council impact the community and what you hope to accomplish. *
6. If you are interested in running for a leadership position, please answer the following questions: Are you interested in running? *
(Optional): Holding a position is a larger time commitment. What other extracurriculars do you participate in and are you willing to prioritize the council’s responsibilities?
(Optional) List any other leadership experience you have had and the duration of each position/experience.
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