Grades 9 - 11      Period 1  & 4 DR's
Please fill this form out for each of your students who are able to utilize Period 1 and/or Period 4 DR options. Check all boxes that apply.  
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Use of  Period 1 DR for Sleep In
Use of  Period 1 Sleep In and/or Period 4 DR  Sign Out
My student is NOT allowed to sign out for a period 4 DR
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By submitting this form I acknowledge that it allows my student one or both (Period 1 and /or 4) of the following options for release from DR (Directed Research). I understand that the Period 1 & 4 DR sign in/out is optional, and I am not required to allow my student the privilege of taking part. I acknowledge that if I allow my child to use this privilege and my student signs in late with a period 1 DR and/or out of school during their period 4 DR they will not be allowed to be on campus if they sign out and transportation will be arranged by the parent/guardian. I release Dover-Sherborn Regional Schools from any liability or claim arising from my child’s use of the this DR privilege. I understand that my child will be responsible for following the rules set forth herein and that this privilege may be revoked by the school administration. A parent/guardian may revoke his or her consent by providing written notice to the Headmaster or Assistant Headmaster that he/she no longer consents to the DR privilege.
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