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Describe something you learned about the library that you didn't know before, something you think few of your peers know. *
What is GIL-find? *
How many "Research Guides" are there?
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Describe one Research Guide that might be useful to you and explain how it might be useful to you. *
Who is one of our librarians and what are their qualifications? *
What is "Browse By Discipline"? *
What happens when you "search by publications"? (Try: AIDS) *
Name three ways you can limit your search in "advanced search"... *
Describe three features of the library interface that help you determine the extent to which a source will be useful to you. How do the features help? *
How can you save the records of the sources you find? *
How many forms of citation does the library database generate for you? Are they correct? How do you know? *
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