UCLA Computer Science Curriculum Survey
UCLA's Computer Science department is continuously evolving.
This form is an effort towards improvement of UCLA CS and making sure students' voices are heard. So please fill out this survey as thoroughly as you can!
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What exact changes would you make to the courses you selected above, if any?
Please label each change with the corresponding course. E.g. CS M152A -- Remove Verilog and add Arduino C programming.
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How can the UCLA Computer Science department further improve the curriculum?
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In the next question, please give specific examples
If you can mention a concrete data point such as "UC Berkeley teaches this class and the enrollment in this class ranges X to Y students per year. This class is very important for reasons X, Y, and Z." That will help us understand your feedback more concretely and how our department can improve.
How does UCLA CS compare to the curriculum being offered at other peer institutions?
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