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Practicum in Entrepreneurship (W409) is Indiana University’s advanced venture creation and development course. Nicknamed the “spine sweat experience”, this course provides a unique challenge to develop a business plan and present a final pitch to real angel investors and venture capitalists who come to campus from across the country to serve as a panel of judges for your final course deliverable. The Spine Sweat course is the ultimate entrepreneurial experience at Kelley. It is specifically designed for students with the passion to create new entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to bragging rights, students who are able to secure an “A” from the judges through the full business plan and presentation receive a reverse scholarship (Over $10,000 is awarded each year).

“The spine sweat experience is the most realistic and engaging entrepreneurship course offered at Kelley. It requires you to look beyond a syllabus and determine what is actually critical to bring to a real panel of investors. I recommend this course to all serious aspiring entrepreneurs.”
- Michael Wayne, Spine Sweat Graduate.
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