MCS Peer Mentorship Program Mentee Application
We know how nerve-wracking it is to enter a new community, and dancing is no exception. Everyone seems so much better than you, and you feel really intimidated. The MCS Peer Mentorship Program aims to help you navigate the dance world and integrate into both MCS and the wider dance community. The program is similar to a “Big Brother Big Sister” program and will last for three months. If selected, you will be paired with a more experienced mentor.

PLEASE NOTE: Mentors are NOT personal tutors/instructors. This program is about social support assimilating into the community. If you wish to improve your dancing, you should attend classes and take private lessons.

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your responses will help us understand if you are a good fit for the program and, if so, help us to pair you with our peer mentors. If accepted into the program, we will ask you which mentors you'd like to be paired with.

As a reminder, if selected, you are expected to commit to at least:
- the Peer Mentorship Program orientation meeting (tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 1st)
- proactively but respectfully reach out to your mentor with dance-related questions and concerns
- put in effort to meet-up with your mentors (coffee, dinner, etc.) to get to know each other better
- check-ins at MCS and dance events with your mentors
- help create a warm and welcoming environment at MCS for everyone!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Julia at
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In a few sentences, describe yourself and some of the hobbies/things you enjoy outside of dancing (this will help us pair people together who may have more in common)
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