Orange County NY ARES/RACES Monday Evening Net Form
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Date *
Net Control Operator *
" This is (CALLSIGN), Net Control station for Orange County ARES/RACES. The Net will begin in approximately 5 minutes. If there are any stations wishing to make a call, please do so now so that the repeater network will be clear for the Net. This is (CALLSIGN), out."
"Calling Orange County ARES/RACES. Calling Orange County ARES/RACES. This is (CALLSIGN), Net Control Station for the Orange County ARES/RACES Net. This is a directed Net and all transmissions are to be addressed to Net Control. All Stations are welcome to join this Net whether members of Orange County ARES/RACES or not."
Net Topic for Tonight *
Notes Regarding the Net Topic (Notable Ideas or questions that need follow up)
"Before we begin, is there a station willing to serve as Alternate Net Control (ANC) for this evening's net, in the event that my station is unable to complete its duties?"
Alternate Net Control Station (ANCS) *
"The net would like to recognize (ANCS CALLSIGN). Thank you for serving as Alternate Net Control for this evening's net."
"Now, are there any stations on frequency with Emergency or Priority situations?"
Listen for and address any Emergency or Priority Situations
"At this time, we will begin with officer roll call. Please advise Net Control if you have any traffic for the net. Please remember to leave a second or two before speaking to allow the linked system to activate."
Officers in attendance *
"The Net recognizes the following Officers."
Read back who checked in
"At this time the Net would like to call on any mobile or Echo Link Stations. Are there any mobile or Echo Link Stations that would like to join the net, please call Net Control now."
Recognize the mobile and Echo Link Stations one they've all checked in and call on them first for traffic or input on the Net Topic, before proceeding to general check in.
Enter Mobile or Echo Link Stations
"At this time we will open the Net to general check ins. Please remember to key your mic, wait a moment for the system to link, then say "this is, (drop your carrier to make sure you aren't doubling), Call sign, name, location. "
General Check-ins *
"The net would like to recognize the following stations......."
Read back who has checked in
"If any other stations wish to check-in, or if your call sign was omitted or incorrect, please call Net Control now."
Conduct the business of the NET
Officers First, then if no training go through the checked in stations for comments.
Perform periodic calls for late check-ins
"Before we close the net, is there any additional business or comments? If so, please call Net Control now."
"If anyone would like to register with Orange County ARES/RACES, please email us at"
"If you are a member of OC ARES/RACES, make sure you have signed up for tonight's net on ARES Connect."
"Orange County ARES/RACES wishes to thank all the members for their participation in this net as well as ALL our endeavors."
"The Next net will be (MM/DD @ Time)" *
"Operations of the Orange County ARES/RACES Net are now terminated until: MM/DD. At this time, we return the repeater network to its normal amateur use. This is (CALLSIGN), OUT."
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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