Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #17
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Pacta privata juri publico ______ non possunt.”
Hint: Private contracts cannot repeal the public right — i.e. cannot adversely affect a public right.
1 point
“Once a ______ always a mortgage.”
Hint: Where a document is once satisfactorily established as a mortgage, a mortgage it always will remain.
1 point
“Pendente lite nihil ______.”
Hint: Whilst a lawsuit is pending nothing must be altered.
1 point
“Partus ______ ventrem.”
Hint: The offspring follows the womb.
1 point
“Optimus legis interpres est ______.”
Hint: Custom is the best interpreter of law.
1 point
“Omnis ______ plus novitate perturbat quam utilitate prodest.”
Hint: Every innovation occasions more harm by its novelty than benefit by its utility.
1 point
“Patria potestas in pietate debet, non in ______, consistere.”
Hint: A father's power ought to be based on affection and not on cruelty.
1 point
“Pluris est ______ testis usus quam auriti decern.”
Hint: One eye-witness is worth more than ten hearsay.
1 point
“______ fratris (de feodo simplici) facit sororem esse haeredem.”
Hint: Possession by the brother of an estate in fee simple constitutes the sister heiress.
1 point
“Omnis ratihabitio ______ et mandate priori aequiparatur.”
Hint: Every ratification has a retrospective effect and is equivalent to a previous authority or contract.
1 point
“Omnium ______ sarciatur quod per omnibus datum est.”
Hint: That which is given for all should be contributed by all.
1 point
“Potior est conditio ______.”
Hint: The condition of one in possession is the more preferable.
1 point
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