2018 Stagecraft & Design Awards
Only current students can vote. If you don't put your name in the first question, then the ballot will be disqualified.
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Most likely to fondle a Mannequin *
Thing 1 and Thing 2 *
Most likely to teach here *
Most likely to get hurt on the job *
Worst Scene Change *
MOST likely to be prepared for life after high school *
#1 Dad *
#1 Mom *
Worst Behaved on Crew *
Most Intimidating Senior *
Hardest Working Techie *
Craziest Freshman *
Fly-est Sophmore *
BS Patrol *
Best Grandpa *
Most likely to be the Schomp ghost *
Best Hugs *
Fite Me TM *
Most likely to be caught living at DSA *
Quietest Techie *
Best Dressed *
Most Inappropriately Dressed *
Most likely to be late to morning meeting *
Most likely to check in and then leave *
Best Glo-up (seniors) *
Best Tech trip *
Best Kassidy Quote *
Best seven year senior (list all seven year seniors) *
Cory's BFF *
Jess's BFF *
Howard's BFF *
Kirksey's BFF *
Most likely to save the senior project *
Up and Coming Techie 9th grade *
Up and Coming Techie 10th grade *
Most improved 11th grade *
Best Senior *
Best Crew *
Best Lighting Design *
Best Costume Design *
Best Set Design *
Best Projection Design *
Best Stage Manager *
Best Sound Design *
Best Props Design *
Technically Best Show *
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