NWKEICI County Asset Survey
Please read all questions carefully and answer each question to the best of your ability.

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List the name of your community.
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Please list all of the assets in your county that address the following needs.
Assets can include but are not limited to businesses, institutions, individuals, organizations, associations, and physical spaces that you find valuable. Please be specific when listing assets: for example, list Jim's Grocery Mart instead of grocery store.
Please list the assets that promote youth development in your county.
Identify any resources that help meet educational needs.
Write down any assets that aid in the communication of community news and upcoming events.
List all assets that increase tourism, outdoor recreation, and/or festivals or events that cause people to gather.
Identify businesses and organizations that promote volunteering and community involvement.
Write down assets that promote physical activity and/or healthy eating.
Identify indoor or outdoor spaces that are available to host events or meetings in your county.
List all assets that promote emergency preparedness and/or community safety.
List all businesses and individuals that meet health care needs.
Please write down all resources that promote arts and cultures.
List all assets and activities that contribute to community beautification in your county.
Identify businesses and programs that increase job readiness and/or decrease unemployment.
Write down all of the organizations or businesses that increase affordable housing and/or home ownership for your county.
Identify individuals or institutions that provide childcare services.
List any assets unique to your county that have not been covered in the previous questions.
Identify the 3 most important assets to you in your county.
List any assets that you feel your county is lacking.
Please identify any assets unique to the Northwest/Northcentral Kansas region.
Based on the quality and quantity of assets in your county, rate your county based on the following items.
As a place to live
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As a place to raise children
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As a place to work
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As a place to visit
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Look at the people below. Who would you recommend moving to your county? Check all that apply.
How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I play a role in my community (ex. I am involved in community events, programs, or projects and play a role in their success)?
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