Granite City Comic Con - Cosplay Championship 2018
There will be a limited number of spaces available for registration, which will close midnight on Friday 18th May 2018.

Each application will be reviewed for eligibility and a member of the Cos-Con Cosplay Championship costume team will confirm entry to all successful applicants. You will be asked to provide the following:

- Source reference pictures of your costume for the judges to be able to mark your accuracy/authenticity.
- A soundtrack (maximum duration of two minutes) in mp3 format to be played during your performance, if desired.
- An outline of your performance, and details of any stage props to be used, which will be assessed for health and safety.
- Itemised list of items not made by you, altered or unaltered.


Good Luck!

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Cosplay Stage Name
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Description of your costume, the work involved, the materials used and any other details you would like to submit. *
The more info you give us, the better understanding of your costume we will have.
Details of your performance *
Performance can be a maximum of 2 minutes. You will be asked to provide music if your application is successful.
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