Voyage of the Data Treader - Library Data Camp
Thank you for attending Library Data Camp. We hope you found it useful and would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to tell us what you thought.
Which sessions did you attend that you personally got the most out of?
Tick all that apply
Introduction to data
Open Data 101
Open Data advocacy
Extracting data and automation
Core dataset and developing a data schema
Social media surgery
Introduction to OpenRefine/OpenRefine workshop
Text adventures in libraries
How to use an API
Publish your first dataset
Open Data and social value
Open Data Camp and libraries
How well did Library Data Camp meet your learning needs?
I learnt a lot
I learnt a bit
I didn't learn anything
Understand key terms about data
Know what to do with your library data to demonstrate impact and make informed decisions
Learn key skills in manipulating data
Engage the public and encourage re-use of your data
Take on open data roles in your library service/authority
Find out how to release data from different library systems
What further training or support on using data and open data do you think would be useful?
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Any other comments?
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