Senior Seminar Add Code Application
Please complete and submit this form to apply for an add code for JS 189 or FS 169 (JS and FS majors may count either course toward their graduation capstone requirement). Section assignments will be made in the order that applications were received. Add codes will not be sent for any section that is currently full. Add codes will be sent by email in batches. There may be several days' delay between applying for and receiving the add code. This form is required to get an add code.
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Non-majors have the lowest registration priority, and may not be allowed into the class.
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Students must have applied to graduate in the session or semester that they enroll in JS 189 or FS 169. Students will not be allowed to enroll until an application to graduate is on file and the Department Chair grants permission.
Have you completed the requirements for senior seminar (i.e. JS majors: Completed JS 100W and JS 114 with a 'C' or better; FS majors: Completed JS 100W, BIOL 1A, BIOL 1B, CHEM 1A, and CHEM 1B)? *
If requirements have not been met, special permission from the Department Chair is required, but will not likely be granted.
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