HackWknd Agrofest 2019
Greetings hackers and domain experts! You are about to register for the upcoming HackWknd-Agrofest 2019, happening from the 10th to 29th November 2019 virtually! Yes, you heard that right! This virtual edition of HackWknd is jointly organized with by Sarawak Multimedia Authority and The Founders Club in conjunction with Sarawak Agrofest 2019.

An invitation pack shall be sent to your email once you have completed your registration. The theme for this year's HackWknd Agrofest shall encompass the four categories, choose one and create a solution to either one or both of the problem statements:

1. How do we simplify and integrate existing technology to onboard farmers to embrace digital economy?
2. How do we address the challenge of transporting agricultural products from rural Sarawak to impact the state's export capacity?

Manufacturing Industry 4.0
1. How can we build an environment where innovation can improve farming yields to capitalize on the growing food demand locally and internationally?
2. How do we promote downstream processing of food through machine learning and automation to increase the gross final product value?

1. How can we utilize the agro-sector to promote and increase the awareness on eco tourism within the state of Sarawak?
2. How do we empower farm owners to adapt with the ever-increasing demand of eco tourism in today's day and age?

1. How can we create a sustainable farming solution in preparation for the 2050 food supply deficiency?
2. How can we empower rural farmers to utilize data mining to improve their farm's efficiency while at the same time lowering their farm operating cost?

Important Dates:
Registration and Hackathon Period [10 - 23 November 2019]
Final Submission Date [25 November 2019]
Showcase + Pitching [29 - 01 December 2019]

Rules for Hackers:
1. Minimum 2 pax and maximum 4 pax can be recruited in a team.
2. Choose an Open Source Initiative-approved license, or, if for a non-code project, a Creative Commons license if an OSI license does not meet your needs.
3. Projects are not limited to code or an app. Creating websites, design systems, information graphics, maps, hardware, and other digital medium are acceptable!
4. Projects involved hardware development shall be prepared by participants. Event organizers shall not responsible to provide the tools and equipment unless those items are available on the spot.
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